Self Care is Vital.

Customers are raging over Her Nashelle's Presidential Black Soap

Our Presidential Black soap has become the ultimate go to facial cleanser, and for a number of reasons, rightfully so! Black soap helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritations. It is soothing on dry and irritated skin, relieving dry patches, rashes and red areas. It eases the symptoms of skin conditions like acne. Black soap helps lessen, treat and clear acne. It also gets rid of blackheads, psoriasis and calms Eczema flare ups. 

Facial skin is extremely delicate and fragile.There is no need to continue to use acids, and other harsh chemical filled scrubs and cleansers!

Our Presidential Black soap is naturally detoxifying and keeps harmful bacteria at bay while moisturizing your skin. Our Black Soap is unique because it is "whipped"! this allows for easy application and lasts for a very long time! Shop our face care collection to get that healthy glow.